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Yacht Finance Calculator UK

Yacht finance is a specialist area where Silver Oak Capital has developed a strong reputation. The major details surrounding yacht finance indicate two types of loans. Yacht finance calculator UK focuses on standard yacht mortgages, where there is a loan issued for 5 – 7 years with a lump sum, or balloon payment of around 25% of the original loan, needing to be paid back upon maturity. The other type of loan is a lease – which operates similar to car finance or hire purchase agreements. There is a lump sum borrower and paid back over a particular period with the borrower owing nothing at the end of the term.

Yacht Finance and Loans Calculators UK

Using a yacht finance calculator can be an easy way to see whether you’re able to afford your dream yacht or not. Appointing the services of a reputable yacht finance broker is a good place to start your search. Yacht finance brokers such as Silver Oak Capital work closely with many major shipyards, banks, and yacht brokers and are well connected with the major player in the yachting world. A yacht finance calculator will help in deciding what length your boat loan should be as a long term will normally equate to smaller monthly payments whilst a shorter term will mean higher monthly payments.

Finance Calculator For new Yacht and Boat

A quick online search should reveal a number of available Yacht finance calculator. Use this tool to see where your monthly budget fits online with the monthly payments required to purchase a yacht of a particular size or price. It’s important to note that these tools can also be used to advise on yacht finance in other places popular for yachts such as France, Italy, and Spain or anywhere in the Mediterranean. Silver Oak Capital has financed a number of yachts for French and Italian high net worth individuals who spend most of their time on their yachts in places like Monaco, St Tropez, and Portofino.

Problems To Solve

Besides the irregular income of the borrower, he was also a Russian national with his source of wealth originating from commodities dealings in Eastern Europe. We were able to overcome this by arranging 6 months interest cover to be placed on account with the yacht finance lender – which gave them comfort to offer the desired loan amount.

Solution Provided

Our long standing relationships in the yacht finance market allowed us to approach the right lender for this client’s unique circumstances and secure the following loan offer:

Yacht Finance Facility £6 million
70% Loan to Value
Fixed Rate 3.5% per annum
Term 60 months
Full quarterly repayments with 20% Balloon
6 Months Interest Deposit to remain on account