About Us

Jimmy Baillie

(Managing Director)

Jimmy graduated from the University of Cape Town in 2010 with a BCom Honours Degree in Economics. After successful stints working for a number of top real estate debt brokers in London – he noticed a need amongst borrowers for specialist advice in the large loan space. He founded Silver Oak Capital in 2019 – focussing on providing advice for loans between £2m – £20m, secured on assets throughout the UK and abroad. This experience in arranging debt in offshore jurisdictions such as France, Spain, Dubai & South Africa, has allowed Silver Oak Capital to grow into one of Europe’s leading large loan brokers.

Connor Dooley

(Associate – Debt Advisory)

Connor graduated from the University of Cape Town in 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in Real Estate. He transitioned to Silver Oak Capital after his tenure as an Underwriting Specialist at IUM (Johannesburg). Connor, currently a CFA candidate, brings extensive experience in research, valuations, and financial analysis to his role.

Silver Oak Capital?

  • 300+ Lenders – we have access to the largest network of lenders in the market. This allows us to provide you with independent whole-of-market advice.
  • Transparency – with a foundation based on trust, we will ensure you are kept in the loop with which lenders we approach during the course of our process.
  • Speed of Service – working with property people makes you realise one thing, time is money. We will endeavour to complete your loan in a quick and efficient manner.
  • Long Lasting Relationships – we don’t just arrange a loan on your behalf, we also ensure you have a long term lending partner to work with on future projects.

What Is The
Application Process

1. Initial Fact Find

We will require some basic detail surrounding your lending query in order to provide you with the proper advice and approach the best lender

2. Presentation of Lending Terms

Once we have obtained a ‘decision in principle’ from one (or more) of our chosen lenders, we will present the indicative lending proposal to you in a concise and transparent manner.

3. Client Agreement

You will formally engage with us and become our client. We will then immediately begin the application process.

4. Application

This step will involve due diligence and support documentation gathering. Silver Oak Capital will ensure you are well aware of each and every document you will need in order to satisfy the lenders criteria. We will also assist you with any certification or translation required.

5. Valuation

During the application step, we will also begin gathering quotes for a formal valuation. At least three options will be presented to you and we will work with you to ensure your preferred valuer is chosen where possible.

6. Offer

The lender will release a formal offer document – which is a promise to lend. This document will obtain all the details of the loan and will also give you one last opportunity to apply any minor adjustments to the facility before drawdown.

7. Legals

At this stage your solicitor will engage with the lenders’ solicitor to begin working on their pre-completion checklist.

8. Completion/Drawdown

Once all the pre-completion conditions have been met, the funds will be sent to your solicitor to complete the purchase or refinance.
Takes 2-6 Weeks

Types Of Properties

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