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What is a Bridging Loan?

Bridging loans are used by property developers and investors who need to access cash quickly in order to execute a particular transaction. These loans are typically issued for 12-24 months and are secured on a particular property bridging loans (residential bridging loan or commercial loan).

The cost of these loans are normally higher than your traditional mortgage bridging loans, but the application process is less tedious. There is no affordability assessment because the interest on the loan is rolled up on top of the principal amount (instead of being paid monthly). Once the loan expires, the borrower has to repay the principal (plus interest) in one lump sum – via refinance or sale.

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Where You Can Use Bridge Loan

We find the most common uses for bridging loans are in scenarios when our clients need funds quickly or they would, for whatever reason, be unable to apply for a traditional high street mortgage. They could be foreign nationals without any credit footprint in the UK, or perhaps property developers who need short term funds to refurbish or build a property.

Bridging loans are also useful if you need to pay a lump sum tax bill or need quick cash to take advantage of a financial opportunity. Raising a loan against a property in the UK to purchase another property overseas is also common.

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Types Of Bridging Loans

Bridging loans come in many different forms and can be used in a wide variety of transactions. They can be secured on all types of real estate but also on luxury assets such as art, jewelry, yachts and aircraft.

In our experience bridging loans are required for two overriding reasons – to refinance an existing loan or to release funds for any legal purpose. Understanding the background behind a funding requirement plays a major role in the decision-making process – ensuring we find the best possible lending partner for our clients.

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How To Find The Right Bridging Loan

The market for bridging loans London in the UK is saturated and very competitive – a positive and a negative for any prospective borrower. The sheer number of bridging lenders makes it challenging to navigate through the market to find the most appropriate lender for your particular case.

However, the competitiveness presents an opportunity as these lenders are constantly competing for business which drives flexibility and cost. Every lender also has their own unique set of lending criteria and preferences on the types of properties they case. However, the competitiveness presents an opportunity as these lenders are constantly competing for business which drives flexibility and cost.

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