Aircraft Loan Falcon 900

Lending Query

A Swiss Family Office had a Dubai-based client who was searching for a good quality used Private Jet for personal use. He had not yet found the aircraft but the family office knew we could assist with finding the finance and presumed we might know some professional contacts or aircraft brokers who could assist with finding suitable stock. The client wanted to spend no more than $25m USD.

Client Circumstances

The Emirati client we were introduced to ran a multinational construction company operating throughout the middle-east. He needed a mid-range jet, ideally registered in Dubai and would be flying between major cities in Europe and the MIddle East. Due to the client’s location and business interests we thought it best to approach a Dubai-based bank to assist with his lending requirements.

Problems to Solve

The market for good quality used aircraft is extremely limited at the moment. Prices have increased and there is remarkably little stock available at many of the aviation brokers. The biggest issue here was to actually find a suitable aircraft for the client. Through our connections we were able to both source the aircraft and obtain a suitable aircraft loan from one of our private banks based in the MIddle East.

Solution Provided

We were pleased to source the following solution for the buyer:

70% Loan to Value
4.45% Fixed Rate
72 month term
Quarterly Repayments
Fees 1% Arrangement
25% Balloon