Commercial Mortgage Broker London

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We were approached by a client in need of a commercial mortgage broker, who could arrange a refinance and equity release from one of his commercial investment properties located in Manchester. The property was let out as a gym and benefited from a 15 year lease from a large UK-based fitness group with a strong covenant. In addition to releasing additional funds we were also instructed to find an improvement on the existing interest rate. This required the expertise of a specialist large loan mortgage advisor London based.

The client required 65% loan to value and the property was valued at £4 million GBP.

Client Circumstances

Our client searched extensively for a large loan mortgage broker London. He ran a large accounting practice and had purchased the gym as a long term investment. He was able to provide a personal guarantee for the loan whilst the monthly rental payments also benefited from a corporate guarantee via the gym’s parent company. The client was 75 years of age and this presented a challenge as many mainstream banks would not lend to individuals over the age of 70.

Problems To Solve

We were presented with the problem of the asset itself being let out as a gym. Many lenders do not lend to this asset class as they perceive it to be high risk – as it is assumed during times of economic downturn that gym memberships are the first regular monthly payment people tend to cancel. Silver Oak Capital was able to find a lender to fit this particular client’s unique circumstances and offer him the loan he wanted.

Solution Provided

We successfully placed this client with an Indian Bank which had a strong track record of commercial lending in the UK. Our approach to debt advisory has earned us a reputation as one of the best mortgage brokers London has to offer.

Commercial Mortgage Loan £2.6 million GBP
Tracker Rate 3.25% + LIBOR
Term 10 Years
Interest Only
Corporate Guarantee from anchor tenant